Started in 2010, Brand New Star is an online talent contest on YouTube held by
Hummingbird Music Ltd. We aim to discover hidden talents out there to become a new
Super Star. Since the last contest in 2011, we look forward to meeting new talents here in
Hong Kong and all around the world.

Winner of Brand New Star 2013: Your song professionally produced by Hummingbird Music Ltd.

Hummingbird Music Ltd. is delighted to collaborate with KPOP Star Hunt 3 this year where the winner will receive an intensive training in Korea and a record deal with CJ E&M / FNC in Korea. For more detail please click here. Read more…

  • Q – Do we have to perform SOLO, or can we perform as a BAND or DUET?

    Solo, Band and Duet are all welcome! We are looking for talent in any shape or form.

  • Q – Is there a limit to how many video we can submit?

    Yes, we will only accept 1 submission from 1 contestant or group

  • Q – Do I have to perform/sing/dance an original act/song/routine?

    No, we do not require you to perform an original act/song/routine. You may perform anything you like.

  • Q – Do I have to sing/perform in Chinese?

    English, Cantonese and Mandarin are all acceptable!

  • Q – Is there an age restriction?

    We have NO age restriction for the Brand New Star contest.

  • Q – I don’t live in Hong Kong, can I still enter the contest?

    A live audition for round 2 will be held in Hong Kong during
    early October 2013, you may enter the contest if are in Hong
    Kong during that time.